Sandman Pro

Alliance Diagnostics
is proud to offer a one of a kind, innovative education session for CPAP users.

Sandman Pro is a personalized, 1 hour coaching and education session for CPAP patients who are seeking instruction on maximizing the use of their CPAP equipment. Our respiratory therapist will also review the proper cleaning of CPAP supplies, replacement schedule of supplies, and offer the re-fitting of a new mask or nasal pillow interface that will ensure the best comfort and compliance with CPAP use. This is a non-insurance covered service that is being offered as an option for patients looking for a highly informative and personalized coaching experience on their CPAP treatment. Our respiratory therapist has over 15 years of professional sleep testing and treatment experience and understands the roadblocks and pathways to success with CPAP.

Great for patients who are:
• Having a difficult time with the fit or comfort of their CPAP mask / Nasal pillows
• Unsure of how to care for their CPAP equipment
• Not clear how often to replace the disposable supplies
• Chronic mouth breathers
• Having difficulty managing their humidification settings
• Looking for more insight into sleep apnea and its destructive effects on the body and our sleep
• Motivated to improve their CPAP comfort and use their CPAP consistently

Not recommended for patients who:
(A PAP-NAP procedure fits best for this category of patients below)

• Are not tolerating their CPAP pressure despite a comfortable CPAP mask / nasal pillow interface
• Experiencing severe claustrophobia and unable to attempt CPAP therapy
• Have anxiety or other mental roadblocks preventing use of CPAP therapy

Steps to Sandman Pro:

• We will need a referral from your physician for a “Sandman Pro” session
• Set up your appointment with our office
• Bring your current CPAP/BPAP machine and supplies to your appointment
• Write down questions you have and bring with you to maximize your time with the pro
• Be prepared for the ultimate, 1 hour coaching experience on CPAP use